Computer Code Romance: Linux

Both M and I are computer nerds. Since we spend a lot of time apart, we like to embrace our inner geek to do cute things for each other such as writing each other cheesy computer codes. Here are two that I wrote him in Linux:

Romantic Code #1:

cupid-macbrook-pro: ~$ mkdir M
cupid-macbrook-pro: ~$ mkdir Nanxi
cupid-macbrook-pro: ~$ cd ~/Nanxi
cupid-macbrook-pro: ~$ touch Love
cupid-macbrook-pro: ~$ cd ~/M
cupid-macbrook-pro: ~$ cp ~/Nanxi/Love .

Romantic Code #2

happy-girl: ~$ cat > DearM
happy-girl: ~$ sort > DearM

Cost: $ (Free)

Difficulty: Some skill

Time: Short-medium (depends on how quickly you can write code)

Materials you will need:

1. Computer

2. Internet

3. Linux to test your code

This romantic idea is for the couples who both know Linux. Not everyone knows Linux so it will make it even more special if you both do!

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