YouTube Video

For Valentine’s day, instead of getting M a physical gift, I chose to do something more personal.  M particularly likes a song called “River Flows in You” by Yiruma, a popular Korean piano composer. I play the piano so I decided to record my version of the piece on the piano. I also recorded several other piano pieces M likes. I created a new YouTube account to upload the videos and named the account name something cute. In the Valentine’s day card to M, I wrote instructions to access the present which was logging into YouTube with the provided username and password. M thought it was very creative and now listens to my piano music when he’s working. For those who do not play piano, you can do a number of other things including creating a video slideshow with your significant other’s favorite song playing in the background.

Price: $ (basically free)

Difficulty: Some Skill

Time: Medium

Materials You Will Need:

1. Webcam

2. Computer

3. Valentine’s Day card

I recommend creating a separate account to upload the video because if you share the video with them, they will immediately be able to access it rather than accessing the video using the information you give them on the Valentine’s day card. Don’t forget to also change the privacy setting for the video, unless you want everyone online to be able to see it. You can also use this newly created account to upload surprise videos for each other. You can also add a cute note in the “description” section of the video.

Screenshot of one of the videos I made for M

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