Indoor Picnic

Last weekend, my boyfriend, let’s call him Z, and I had ultra-romantic plans to picnic outdoors at Crissy Field in San Francisco then head over to the San Francisco Exploratorium for some hands-on fun. (I highly recommend the Exploratorium if you have hours to, what else, explore) Unfortunately, the weather gods were not with us that day and we weren’t able to picnic.   I was pretty bummed because weekends are the only time Z and I can hang out, since Z’s working schedule is busy and unpredictable.

And then I came up with the idea to do a picnic in Z’s living room and surprise him!  While he was at work,  I bought all the things I needed and set everything up before he got home.

Cost: $

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Medium (30 minutes to prepare, 30-60 minutes for the dinner)

Materials you will need:

1. 1 tablecloth/picnic spread

2. 20-25 tealight candles

3. 1 lighter

4.  prepared food (I had no idea when Z would get home so I opted for sushi because that doesn’t get cold, but I wanted to do a whole pizza initially)

It was really easy for me to lay out the tablecloth and candles because Z has no furniture in his living room, but if you’re planning on doing this inside somewhere, I would move everything aside so you have room to sit on the floor and actually picnic.  After you lay out the tablecloth, you can place your candles around the room, light them, then turn off the lights for romantic ambiance.  I took it one step further and placed my candles in the shape of a heart!  Pull out the food and enjoy!

This is a really simple idea to add surprise to any weeknight.

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