Jigsaw Puzzle

Our jigsaw puzzle - solved!

While I was walking to class one day, my boyfriend, M, asked if I had a few minutes to meet up. I had about 10 minutes so I agreed to meet up. We sat at a bench on campus. He said he bought a little 25 piece jigsaw puzzle that fit in a 4x4x2 inch mini box. He thought it would be fun and random to figure it out together.

It was very quick to complete the puzzle. However, at the end, there was one piece missing. We searched around the area for where that last piece could be and double checked the box. Not wanting to make him feel bad, I said, “It’s ok! It was still fun completing the puzzle with you.”

Then, he took out the last puzzle piece from his pocket and said, “I hope I’m your missing puzzle piece.”

Cost: $ (The mini jigsaw puzzle box was about $2)

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Short (5-10 minutes)

Materials you will need:

1) Jigsaw puzzle box

2) Flat surface to complete the puzzle

3) A place to hide the puzzle (your pocket is recommended)

This activity is very simple and can be done basically anywhere! If you want to make it more elaborate, you can get a larger puzzle set. Just make sure only one piece is missing!

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