Chocolate Trio

The three boxes of Godiva chocolates M surprised me with. He started with giving me the top box (the smallest one) first, then moving to the box on the right and finally the box on the left.

I was at work one day when my boyfriend M texted me, “Do you want to see a movie together?” I replied, “You are asking me out on a date via text?” Realizing I was right, he quickly said that he would do something more creative.

As I left my building from work that night, he was already standing outside waiting with a Godiva gift bag. He took out a small box of Godiva chocolate wrapped in ribbon and asked, “Will you go to the movies with me?” Already impressed, I said of course I will. Surprised, he said, “Really? Well, I thought you might so no so I got you another box.” That is when he took out a larger box of Godiva chocolate in the same gold wrapping and ribbon. Then, he said, “And in case you said no again, I got you another.” M proceeded to take out a third box of Godiva chocolate, the largest box yet.

I was completely awestruck at his thoughtfulness.

Cost: $$ (The three boxes of Godiva chocolate cost about $35 together)

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Short

Materials you will need:

1) A small sized box of Godiva chocolates

2) A medium sized box of Godiva chocolates

3) A medium-large sized box of Godiva chocolates

4) A gift bag

It is not necessary to get the same box of chocolates each time in different sizes, but it makes the activity a little more funny. You should always start with giving the smallest box first and work yourself up to the largest box. Make sure the person doesn’t see the other boxes in the gift bag to maintain the element of surprise. Enjoy this sweet romance 🙂

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