Hidden Flower

The flower he hid in my makeup box

I had recently went on a trip and left some luggage at my boyfriend M’s apartment. When I opened up one of my small storage boxes, there was a flower in it. He told me that he picked the flower while he was out on a jog one morning and the flower reminded him of me. It was nice to know that he thinks about me during various activities during the day and that random things remind him of me.

Cost: $

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Short

Materials you will need:

1) Flower

2) A storage area that your signficant other opens frequently (like a backpack or drawer)

Hiding little gifts for your significant other is always appreciated. When we give a present to someone in person, we expect to receive a thank you or something along those lines in return. However, when we find a gift from them when the gifter is not around, it shows that they just wanted us to be surprised and happy and that they expect nothing in return.

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