One-Step Scavenger Hunt

The note M left me in a random public mailbox

M, my boyfriend, lives in San Francisco. It is about a 30-minute train ride away from where I live. After several consecutive days of not seeing each other because I was busy, we finally planned to hang out. I told him that I would be free around 6pm and would take the train to his place. He called me at 6pm and said he was already here. He told me to go to the train station and look in one of the mailboxes nearby. I walked to the station and opened a rusty old mailbox in the corner. Inside was a note that said, “Find me in Tully’s.” He even folded the letter “X” into the note paper (we always sign our notes to eachother with X because both our first names have that letter). I went to Tully’s coffee shop and there he was. He took the train to my city just to accompany on the train back to San Francisco.

Cost: $

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Short

Materials you will need:

1) Note paper

2) Pen

3) Place to hide the note

4) Coffee shop for you to hang out with until your significant other arrives

This one-step scavenger hunt is fun to do whenever you have already planned to meet up. Find out where the significant other is right before you meet up and hide the note where he/she may get to easily. They will be happily surprised that instead of going to a place that is about the middle of where you both are, you just went all the way to their place. It shows that you are willing to sacrifice convenience to see him/her.

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