Southwest Origami

The origami stork M and I made together on the plane. I keep it in my wallet.

A few months ago, I traveled with my boyfriend, M, on Southwest Airlines. I was bored so I pulled out the Southwest magazine, “Spirit,” that is tucked in the seat pocket. There is a section towards the end of the magazine with games and random activities that can be completed on the plane including crossword puzzles and Soduku. Another activity I found interesting is an article on how to fold an origami stork using a dollar bill. I pulled out a dollar bill and began following its direction. To be completely honest, it was a lot harder to fold than I thought! Thus, M helped me figure out how to fold certain parts that were not clearly descibed in the instructions. It was a fun activity we completed together and I still keep the stork origami in my wallet.

I travel quite a bit so the next time I was on Southwest, I pulled out the airline’s “Spirit” magazine again and turned to the origami article. This time, it featured instructions to fold a butterfly out of a dollar bill. When I saw M after the flight, I game him the origami butterfly as a romantic gesture to remind him of our fun time folding the stork together.

Cost: $ ($1 bill)

Difficulty: Some Skill

Time: Short

Materials you will need:

1) Dollar bill

2) Southwest plane ticket or Southwest “Spirit” magazine

If you ever travel with your significant other on a Southwest flight, I would highly suggest to turn complete this activity together. Then, the next time you travel alone on a Southwest flight, complete the origami yourself and give your work of art to that special person to let them know that you think about them whereever you are.

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