The First Shop

M bought me a blouse from Thomas Pink because that was the first place we shopped at together.

My boyfriend, M, and I met when we were both working a few blocks from each other in New York City. One of the first times we hung out before we started dating was when he invited me to a water-gun fight his friends were hosting in Central Park. We had some extra time before the event so we decided to try and buy a few water guns. We went to Time Square and explored the shops there. As we walked around, I saw the store “Thomas Pink.” Before working in New York, I read an article about the clothes that investment bankers where, which touted the “Pink” brand as one of the elite. When I had training on Wall Street during my first week of work, I found “Thomas Pink” as one of the shops along the landmark street. It turns out that it was also the only clothing store on the street. This made me even more curious about the store. Unfortunately, by the time I get off work every day, the store would already be closed so I never got a chance to see why the store was so famous.

When I saw the store in Times Square with M one day, I explained to him about how I learned about the store and how badly I wanted to see the clothing they sell. We went inside and I went to the women’s section. The clothes were indeed very fashionable. Sadly, one glance at the price tag and I knew that it was out of my income bracket. I disappointingly left the store afterwards.

A few weeks after dating, M wanted to formally ask me to be his girlfriend. Although it was totally unncessary, he said he wanted to get me a nice present too. So what did he do? He took me shopping at Thomas Pink and told me to get whatever I want. He patiently waited as I tried on different shirts. He bought me a blouse from Thomas Pink because “that was where we went shopping together for the first time.”

Cost: $-$$$ (Depends on where the first place you shopped together was at)

Difficulty: Some Skill (shopping for the right present can be tough)

Time: Medium

Materials you will need:

1) An item from the first place you and your significant other went shopping together

Giving your significant other an item from the first place you shopped together demonstrates that you remember and value the little details. If you are a guy, it especially means a lot because we know how much you hate shopping!

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