Wax-Sealed Letters

The collection of letters M sent me when I was on vacation. The one on the right is the one sealed with candle wax.

Earlier this year, I took a week-long trip with my friends to Mexico for fun. During the entire week, I was surprised and disappointed that my boyfriend, M, did not write any emails to me. I did not have cell phone signal so we couldn’t talk or text on the phone. When I returned home, I found my mailbox stuffed with letters from him. He had written me a letter each day that I was gone. He used different paper for each letter. For one letter, he even made it into an origami plane. He dated each letter so I could read then chronologically. Also, he used candlewax to seal one of the letters, which I found the most creative.

Cost: $

Difficulty: Some Skill

Time: Medium

Materials you will need:

1) Stationary

2) Envelope

3) Pen

4) Stamps if you live too far to hand-place the letters into the person’s mailbox

5) Candle stick

6) Lighter

Everybody enjoys coming home to a work welcome and there is no better way to do that than some old-fashioned love letters that are sealed with candlewax. For the candlewax, it is best to use a candlestick. Put the lighter over the wax until the wax melts. Hold the candle over the area that you want to seal so that the wax drips right over it. Make sure to be extra careful because you cannot undo your mistakes! Scented candle is recommended.

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