Napa Valley Trip

For Labor Day weekend, Z had wanted to go on a road trip with me.  However, our plans were defeated because neither of us have a car.  Instead, we opted to do a day trip to Napa Valley!  There are tours of Napa that leave daily from San Francisco and we booked through Wine Country Tour Shuttles. The tour included bus transportation to the vineyards, as well as a romantic ferry ride back to San Francisco.

Our first stop of the day at V. Sattui Winery was our favorite.  For $5, we were able to have a tasting of 5 different kinds of wine, plus a few extra because our sommelier recommended some more.  My favorite was a carbonated Moscato dessert wine.  We ended up buying 9 bottles of wine at the first winery!  I’m usually not a wine person, but all of the wines we had were so delicious.  If you’re ever in Napa Valley, I definitely recommend you stop by V. Sattui for lunch and a tasting.  We ended up at 3 other vineyards, Whitehall Lane, Rutherford Ranch, and Franciscan.  At Franciscan, we were actually able to pick grapes off the vines and taste them!  Wine tasting was definitely a great experience and Z and I can’t wait to go back to Napa to try out some of the other wineries.

Price: $$$

Difficulty:  Some skill

Time: Long

Materials you will need:

1. A computer to book your trip!

If you find yourself in the Bay area without a car, I definitely recommend taking a shuttle to Napa for a day trip.  We were on a pretty tight schedule the entire day set out by the tour guide, but we liked that we were able to visit so many wineries in a matter of a few hours.  I would have liked to visit some of the other vineyards, but again, the places we visited were set by the tour.  If you have extra money to spare, I would say hire a town car for the day to drive you around Napa.  That way, you can decide which wineries to visit and have a little more flexibility in time.  Napa is a wonderful place to go for a weekend getaway and I truly can’t wait to go back!

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