Secrets Game

How Z and I got to know each other is a funny story.  I met him about a year ago, but he was kind of rude to me initially so I really didn’t like him at all.  Fast forward 6 months later, and we end up traveling to Asia together because of our mutual friend.  At first, it was really awkward because we weren’t very fond of each other and didn’t know each other very well, but as we spent more time together, we hated each other less.  He was very mysterious to me so I made up the secrets game to get to know him better in a short amount of time.

Price: $ (FREE!)

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Short

Materials you will need:

1. Another person to play with

The name of the game is called “secrets” and that’s exactly what you do, tell secrets!  Each person takes a turn revealing a secret.  It doesn’t have to be deep or dark; it can be a small or trivial detail about your life that the other person would be interested in knowing.  I made Z play this game with me when we were traveling and he hated it initially, but now it’s something special we share because we got to know each other so well.  It might work better for a girl to initiate this game because I can’t imagine a guy saying, “Let’s trade secrets!”  So girls, if you ever want to get to know a guy better, you know what to do!

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