Midnight Road Trip, Part 2

Z works long hours, and usually that means working late on Fridays too. One Friday night, we were supposed to go to dinner and have a date night, but he ended up having to work. He got off work around 10 PM, and afterwards, he surprised me by taking me to Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

Cost: $ free!

Difficulty: Easy

Time: moderate-long, depending on travel time

Materials you will need:

1. Car, if you are going far.

Spontaneous road trips are always fun and romantic. It was windy up on the peak, so it made us cuddle up next to each other for warmth. When it got too cold, we moved into our car, which had an equally fabulous view, without the cold weather. Being in the car talking and taking in the view really brought us back to the innocent days of high school! What I loved most about this was that we were able to talk for hours and enjoy each other’s company on a Friday night.

2 Responses to “Midnight Road Trip, Part 2”
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