Mini Midnight Roadtrip

M and I always have packed schedules during the day so most of our hanging out occurs at night. We like adventure so we decided to take a random road trip to somewhere new that was an hour or so away. We decided on Mount Diablo about 15 minutes before M picked me up. We inaugurated our journey at around 11pm. When we got to the foothill of the mountain, the main gate to the top of the peak was closed. So, we parked the car and climbed pass the gate. We trekked to the top of a nearby hill to admire the city lights that was miles away. It was a clear night too so the stars sparkled above, adding to the romance. Although we did not make it to the top of the as originally planned, it was even more fun to just wing-it.

Price: $ (Gas money or renting a car)

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Long

Materials you will need:

1. Car

2. Midnight snacks

3. Map or GPS

M actually does not have a car so he rented one from ZipCar. ZipCar is a car sharing service where you can rent by the hour or day. They cover all the gas costs! I recommend not planning too far in advance because you want to keep the date casual. You and your significant other should not feel the pressure to hit certain locations or sites on the roadtrip. The trip is not about actually visiting a new place-rather, it is about the interaction you have during the trip. In fact, the best part of my trip with M was the conversations we had on the drive to Mount Diablo and our deep philosophical discussions while lounging in the car in front of the mountain. The beauty of the a midnight roadtrip is also that everything is very quiet and chances are, the place that you decide to go to will be pretty empty. This will give you ample opportunity to focus on each other the whole time. When choosing the location, find a place that will have a good view so you can pull over and chat or cuddle.

The picture I took of the city lights when M and I climbed to the top of a hill by Mount Diablo

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