Online Movie Night

It was a cold, Saturday night so I didn’t want to go out bar-hopping with friends. Instead, M and I decided to watch a movie together. Living in 2011, we have the luxury of picking out a movie in the comfort of M’s apartment. We browsed Netflix, but didn’t find anything so we decided to use one of the free online video movie streaming sites, . The best part of the site is that it features recent movies. We watched movie trailers and joked about the ones that were bad. It was fun learning about the movies that M enjoyed. After browsing through the action movies and romantic comedies, we settled on In Time starring Justin Timberlake. As we watched , M also warmed up chicken sandwiches for us. Wrapped together in a blanket on the couch, we had a very relaxing time eating food and watching entertainment.

Price: $ (free if you watch online)

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Medium

Materials you will need:

1. Computer

2. Internet

3. Blanket

4. Movie food and snacks

Online movie night is about having fun picking out the movie together then enjoying the selection. Some of the recommended downloadable date night movies that you and your significant other will enjoy are:

  • Wedding Crashers: A classic that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Chances are, you both have probably seen it, but that’s all the more exciting to point out your favorite scenes together.
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love: The best romantic comedy this year. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now!
  • Drive: This is a bit more serious and in the drama genre. However, it will definitely keep you and your significant at the edge of your seat for the whole time!
  • The Hangover: A great movie to watch if you anticipate lots of conversation during the movie.
  • Limitless: This is a movie that will require more attention than The Hangover. The premise of the story is pretty unique. There’s not too much romance in it so it’s a great movie to watch if you don’t want to be watching any awkward kissing scenes.
  • Source Code: A mixture of romance and drama, Source Code is a movie that couples will enjoy together. The movie emphasizes the timelessness of true love.
  • The Green Hornet: I would say any of Seth Rogen’s movie is a safe choice to watch for a date. This action packed movie is filled with humor.


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