Restaurant Dessert Surprise

For M’s birthday dinner, I wanted to take him to a nice restaurant. I chose Boulevard in San Francisco, a highly acclaimed fine dining restaurant. I called the restaurant ahead of time to let them know that I wanted to do a special birthday surprise. I told them my significant other and I will order dessert at the end of the meal. When the dessert is brought out, I told the restaurant manager to have the phrases “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate on the side of one plate and “<3, X” on the other plate. They confirmed that it would be done. M and I arrived at the restaurant right on our reserved time and was seated promptly. We ordered Ahi Tuna Tutare Now and Veal “Schnitzel” with Glazed Sweetbreads for our appetizers. For our main course, I ordered the Alaska Halibut Ala Plancha and M ordered Pan Roasted Californian Swordfish. Finally, it was time for dessert. Unexpectedly, M said he was too full for dessert. In a moment of panic,  I made up that the dessert at Boulevard are a must-try. Curious to see the validity of my statement, M agreed. He ordered Carrot Cake and I ordered Chocolate Buche de Noel. Now, I just had to trust that the restaurant remembered my request. The anticipation of the waiter carrying out the two dessert plates were unbearable. Finally, I saw the waiter holding two delicate plates, with a lighted candle on me, walking towards our table. Good thing M’s back was facing towards him. “Happy Birthday,” the waiter called out. M was completely stunned. It was priceless!

Price: $$$

Difficulty: Some Skill

Time: Medium

Materials you will need:

1. A restaurant that is willing to take special orders

2. Desserts

3. Candles

Some restaurants might let you use your own cake. In that case, you may deliver the cake to the restaurant earlier that day and instruct them to bring out the cake after the meal. Most of the fine dining restaurants will require a cake-cutting fee or fee associated with using your own cake. You should also double check that the restaurant may provide candles.


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