Computer Code Romance: Python

In the continuation of romantic & nerdy gestures, I decided to write M a python code as well. Computer programming is one of the most interesting hobbies we share and this definitely reminded us of our unique connections. This is probably as nerdy as romance can get, but we love it! Feel free to change it up and make it personal to your significant other!
$ python
Interests = 3
t = “with”
y = “There are %s things I enjoy in this world.” % Interests
activity1 = “talking”
activity2 = “hanging out”
activity3 = “being”
m = “They are %s %s %s, %s %s %s, and %s %s %s.”
x = “you”

print y
print m % (activity1, t, x, activity2, t, x, activity3, t, x)
Cost: $ (free)

Difficulty: Some skill

Time: Short-medium depending on how quickly you can come up with things

Materials you will need:

1. Computer

2. Internet

3. Python program to test out your code



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