Stand-Up Comedy

Z and I had our first taste of stand-up in New York, while he was in training for work.  We came back to SF and didn’t think there would be great comedy clubs around the area, but we were oh-so wrong!  This is a great idea for a date and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Cost: $-$$

Time: Medium

What you need:

1. tickets to comedy event

Lots of comedy clubs sell their tickets through Ticketmaster or LiveNation, but usually these tickets are overpriced and you have to pay a handling fee.  Many times, you can bypass this directly by directly calling the comedy club’s box office and purchasing tickets through that channel.  Or, you can find discount sites to buy tickets.  I found Goldstar online, and it offers tickets at 50+% off, sometimes even free.  The only catch is, it offers tickets to the shows at less popular times, i.e. on weeknights or Sundays.

If you’re in the bay area, I would definitely check out the Punch Line.  They have great headliners and their openers are usually pretty funny as well.  In November, they even had Dat Phan headlining!

If you’re looking to go out on a Friday night, but are tired of bars and clubbing, I would definitely recommend going to see some stand-up.  You and your date will have a great time and laugh your butts off!


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