Christmas Meme

My boyfriend M and I enjoy reading and sharing memes with each other. One of the first online conversations I had with him when we first met were about memes. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of internet memes, many are basically an image with a funny text caption. M and I shared funny ones with each other that we found on Before Christmas, M also sent me this very entertaining meme collection featuring Ryan Gosling and startup/Silicon Valley and his famous “Hey Girl” captions:  Since M is engulfed in startup life, some of the memes were actually quite true. For the holiday season, M is on the east coast with family while I am with family out in the Pacific. On Christmas, M sent me a picture of him with a pouty/Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” face with the caption: Hey Girl, I’m sorry I can’t spend Christmas with you. Here’s a picture of me to compensate. I thought it was a great combination of humor and cuteness. It brought back memories of when we were first getting to know each other by sending each other memes we found online.

Cost: $

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Short

Materials you will need:

1. A picture of yourself

2. Picture editor (Paint or Photoshop or built-in photo editor on your camera)

3. Device to send picture

You can write the caption that M used for me (Hey girl, I’m sorry I can’t spend ________ with you. Here’s a picture to compensate) or come up with your own creative/funny/romantic line! Here are some other potential captions:

-Hey girl/boy, I call your voicemail even when I know you won’t pick up so I can hear your voice.

-Hey girl/boy, I can’t wait to bake cookies for you.

-Hey girl/boy, I love liking your Facebook statuses and sharing your posts.

-Hey girl/boy, it’s ok if you get sick because I like taking care of you.


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