How to win Miss California’s Heart: Interview with 2011’s Miss California Noelle Freeman

Since we met each other through the Miss California competition, we thought it would only be appropriate to feature one of our guest romanticiers as 2011’s Miss California, Noelle Freeman.

VivianandNanxi: Hi! How are you?

Miss California: Hi! I am just finishing up a photo shoot for Pilates.

VivianandNanxi: Wow! We cannot wait to see the pictures! Are you excited for Miss America on January 14th?

Miss California: I will be going to Las Vegas pretty soon for preliminary competitions.

V: Are you nervous?

M: You know what? I’m not worried at all! I feel prepared.

V: How do you juggle your personal life and busy schedule?
Miss California: That is probably the biggest accomplishment of the year! I have a boyfriend of a year and half. There were times this year that we were on the rocks. It was very difficult. Being able to maintain a relationship is something I’m very proud of.

V: How did you make it work?

M: I don’t think I had much to do with it. I think it depends on the guy. I’m so lucky to have a guy who understood that he was not my first priority or even my second priority. I even told him this and he told me, “I know.” It’s important to have a boyfriend that understands that. On top of that, I have a boyfriend who is ok with seeing me being photographed with male athletes in speedos. It takes a very secure boyfriend.

V: I bet! What is the most romantic thing you have done for your boyfriend?

M: I’m not sure if this is romantic, but I made a scrapbook of every single picture we had ever taken for our one year anniversary. I also wrote some poems and put them throughout the scrapbook. It took me about a month to make it. I printed out every picture that we’ve taken. I searched through Facebook. I put our old movie tickets that I saved. I saved our Lakers game ticket stubs and random other things that would trigger memories we had together. What I did is I kept a basket and every time we did something together, I would throw the keepsake from the activity into the basket. It took about a month to organize everything and put into chronological order.

V: Wow! That is very creative! In all, how much did you spend?

M: You know what? Scrapbook is expensive! I spent a few hundred dollars. All those scrapbook paper and stickers are expensive. I remember it was something I was not anticipating.

V: Does your boyfriend know this?

M: He knows I spent a lot of time, but I don’t think guys really know the cost of how much scrapbooking is and I didn’t tell him how much I spent.

V: What is the most romantic thing your boyfriend has done for you?

M: He has written songs for me and recorded it. One of the most romantic things he’s done is he sent me flowers out of the blue one time. I was having a terrible day and he sent me beautiful roses to my work. I was expecting the roses to be going to one of my coworkers. To receive the roses at work was very romantic and thoughtful to him. He always gives me gifts and things, but that stuck in my memory. I’ll never forget that. He’s a keeper. It was pretty early on in our relationship.

V: So you told him you were having a bad day and a couple hours later he sent you roses?

M: Literally within the hour! They were beautiful and they lasted forever. I kept them in the office so that I could see them every day I was at work.

V: The last question is: what is the romantic activity you would like to do in the future?

M: I would love to spend time on a private island. Hopefully with my husband for my honeymoon, which will probably be Nick, my boyfriend. I want to have a month long honeymoon. So, I’ve told him that he needs to start saving up. I would love him to walk me out onto a balcony of a house on the private island and have a hot air balloon waiting for us and we can just float around the island.

Want to see this sweet and romantic girl as your 2012 Miss America? Vote for her at:
You can watch the Miss America final competition on January 14th LIVE on ABC.

The surprise bouquet of roses Miss California's boyfriend sent to her when she was having a bad day.

An incredible table full of Christmas presents for Miss California from her boyfriend.

"I'm starting a florist shop, thanks to Nick." Miss California jokes about how many bouquets of flowers she receives from her boyfriend, Nick.

Photocredit: Noelle Freeman, Barrett Ramalho

2 Responses to “How to win Miss California’s Heart: Interview with 2011’s Miss California Noelle Freeman”
  1. Meganess Madness says:

    “You’re not my first or even second priority.” “Save up because I want a month on a private island and a balloon ride.” ??? He may be a keeper, but she sure doesn’t sound like one. He’d be wise to remember that right now she’s hot and annoying, but in 10 years she’ll just be average and annoying at best. Run, my boy, run!!

  2. 1812 says:

    Nothing like flowers to brighten up a bad day!

    Thank you for liking my post, “Dr. Fill, A New Union And Saying Goodbye To A Friend. “‏

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