Personalized Artwork

My boyfriend is incredibly busy because of how passionate he is about his work. As CEO, he travels a lot to meet with investors. One night, he joked about how convenient it would be if he had a GoKart to drive around in. It’s difficult to find parking in the Bay Area so having a GoKart would be perfect for the plethora of small parking spaces. Thus, I wanted to make that somewhat of a reality. I decided to draw him a personalized GoKart with his company’s logo featured on the side!

Cost: $ (free)

Difficulty: Some skill

Time: Medium

Materials you will need:

1. Pencil

2. Paper (I used a 18 x 12 inch sketch pad paper)

3. A picture or two that you want to model your car off of

It took me about an hour to draw the picture. I’ve never drawn a car before, so it was fun experimenting with different patterns and shapes. Since we are doing long-distance right now, I sent him a picture of the artwork around 3am. He replied back at 5am (like I said, he works a lot) very excited and surprised. He didn’t know I did art. (I don’t do art, but after spending hours upon hours making pretty PowerPoints working in investment banking, you start to pick up some artistic skills haha). When you make your personalized artwork, you don’t need to worry about how perfect it should look. Focus on being creative! The key is incorporating your significant other’s name or word that represents something important to them. Of course, you do not need to use a car either. Draw whatever your significant other has always wanted whether it is a house on a lakeside or racecar.


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