Hiking Off-Trail

Both outdoorsy people, M and I took a trip to Sedona in Arizona. It’s is also known for its red rocks. We left in the morning and got there around noon. We had a very quick lunch at a fastfood place before asking someone at the gas station for suggestions on which trail we should hike. The consensus from the gentleman at the gas station and Yelp is the trail called “Catherdral Rock trail.” It’s one of the more difficult hikes. When we got there, we decided we wanted to make it an even more challenging experience for ourselves and we went off trail. It took us about 45 minute to get to the top. We spent another 45 minutes or so relaxing on the edge of a cliff area that overlooked the gorgeous view. It was so much more fun going off trail because it was just the two of us with no one around us. The slight danger of climbing some of the steep areas with just each other around was also exciting.


Cost: $ (Gas, lunch)

Difficulty: Some skill. You need to get to Sedona and have some energy to hike!

Time: Long.

Materials you will need:

1. Good hiking shoes

2. Lunch or picnic food

3. Bottles of water

4. Sunscreen

The most fun about hiking off-trail is that it’s you and your partner exploring together and helping each other through the journey. Take your time and enjoy the scenary!


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