custom photo collage on canvas

One of my great friends, J, is someone who has everything she needs so it’s sometimes hard to find a gift for her. When this happens, I try to be creative. This usually means making something from scratch. I decided to create a photo collage of all the things that J likes and have it printed on a canvas board. I Googled ‘Photo Collage Maker” and Photovisi was the first one I tried. It works very well-it was easy to use, had a lot of templates to choose from, and it was free. Some of the pictures I chose were a tennis racket (J loves tennis), books (she loves reading), and a sign that said adventure (J loves to explore). Make sure to use high resolution photos for the collage. After I finished the collage, I downloaded the highest resolution version of the collage. Then, I Googled around for “print your own canvas” type sites. I ended up using a site called CanvasPop. It was also very simple to use. I uploaded my collage photo and selected the canvas type/size I wanted. The prices range from $30 to $500+ dollars depending on the size of your canvas and how large you want the frame of the canvas. I chose one that was  20×24″ size and 0.75″ frame. It cost a total of about $140 with shipping (I had it shipped directly to J’s house). This was such a fun experience and I think it’s one of the more nice, personalized gifts I’ve done. I’ll definitely be making more of these in the future!

Summary of Steps

  1. Collect high resolution photos you want to use in the collage
  2. Use Photovisi  to make the collage
  3. Download the high resolution collage that you make
  4. Use CanvasPop to print your collage on a canvas
  5. Select the size and frame you want. Pay and you’re done!

Photo collageCost: $$-$$$ ($30-$500+)

Difficulty: Some skill. You need to be creative with the collage pictures 🙂

Time: Medium. You can take a lot of time if you want, but you can also get it done in an hour if you’re in a rush.

Materials You Will Need:

1. Computer with internet

2. Photos

This gift should be really enjoyable to create and to give! Have fun with it!



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