Horseback Riding

I usually don’t use Groupon, but I thought I would check out some deals that were available. I found one that was for horseback riding and I thought that would be really fun. M has never gone horseback riding so I knew it would be a great adventure.  It’s always fun sharing new experiences together! The total ride was 3 hours long. The trails we took were quite diverse and allowed us to really learn about riding. We went up and down steep hills and even trotted at some parts (it’s pretty painful if you haven’t trotted on a horse before so be prepared!). We had a single guide who led four people total (M and I and another couple). It was such a unique experience and one that I highly recommend!

horseback riding

Some tips:

1. Make sure you bring closed toed shoes

2. Bring water with you

3. Wear sunscreen

4. Wear jeans or long pants

To find a horseback riding location near you, just search Google 🙂

Cost: $$$ (It was $80/person for 3 hours)

Difficulty: Some skill

Time: Medium (depends on how long you want to ride for)


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