Holiday Gifts, Birthday Gifts Galore!

Z and I have not been dating for too long, and I came to find myself in the predicament of “What should I get him for Christmas/his birthday?”  We aren’t too serious, so I didn’t want to get him something crazy expensive, but at the same time, I wanted to be thoughtful and show him … Continue reading

Sunday Dinner

One of the things I love doing most in life is cooking.  I cook dinner for myself most every night and I love sharing the things I create with Z.  It’s hard for me to cook dinner for him though, because he usually works late and has an allowance to order food every night.  One … Continue reading

Claw Games and Video Arcades

One of Z and my favorite things to do is to play in arcades, especially at claw games!  When we were traveling through Asia, there were a bunch of claw-game arcades and we always stopped to try and win stuffed animals.  We were still getting to know each other in Asia and this really helped … Continue reading

Mini Midnight Roadtrip

M and I always have packed schedules during the day so most of our hanging out occurs at night. We like adventure so we decided to take a random road trip to somewhere new that was an hour or so away. We decided on Mount Diablo about 15 minutes before M picked me up. We … Continue reading