Chocolate Trio

I was at work one day when my boyfriend M texted me, “Do you want to see a movie together?” I replied, “You are asking me out on a date via text?” Realizing I was right, he quickly said that he would do something more creative. As I left my building from work that night, … Continue reading


Jigsaw Puzzle

While I was walking to class one day, my boyfriend, M, asked if I had a few minutes to meet up. I had about 10 minutes so I agreed to meet up. We sat at a bench on campus. He said he bought a little 25 piece jigsaw puzzle that fit in a 4x4x2 inch … Continue reading

Birthday Surprise

Back in July, I had the biggest crush on Z, one of the main reasons being that he is so thoughtful!  For my birthday, Z sent me a postcard all the way from New York (he was there for the summer).  It was so simple, but thoughtful, and I know any girl would appreciate the … Continue reading

Indoor Picnic

Last weekend, my boyfriend, let’s call him Z, and I had ultra-romantic plans to picnic outdoors at Crissy Field in San Francisco then head over to the San Francisco Exploratorium for some hands-on fun. (I highly recommend the Exploratorium if you have hours to, what else, explore) Unfortunately, the weather gods were not with us … Continue reading