Spontaneous Weekend Roadtrip

M and I decided to take a random roadtrip from San Francisco to Oregon. Neither of us have gone to Oregon so we thought it would be a fun and quick vacation. I rented an economical Chevy Aveo Hatchback from Hertz for about $25/day. Our original destination was Portland, which was about 630 miles from … Continue reading


Home-Cooked Meal

While I was visiting Z in New York about a month ago, I decided to cook for him because he had spent all day at home studying for an exam.  I love cooking, so I thought I would share the recipe of what I made with you.  It’s a really simple sea bass and asparagus … Continue reading

Love at First Bite

I’m not an idealist and my boyfriend, M, knows that. I don’t really believe in soul mates. Rather, I have a little more practical philosophy on relationships which is that if you like someone, even if they do not seem to intially be compatible with you, you can still make it work if you both … Continue reading