Picture Messages

For the majority of our relationship, Z and I have been somewhat long distance.  I’ve been in southern California while he has been in New York and northern California.  Even before we started dating, we would communicate with each other every day via phone call or text.  One of the cutest things Z would do … Continue reading


Home-Cooked Meal

While I was visiting Z in New York about a month ago, I decided to cook for him because he had spent all day at home studying for an exam.  I love cooking, so I thought I would share the recipe of what I made with you.  It’s a really simple sea bass and asparagus … Continue reading

The First Shop

My boyfriend, M, and I met when we were both working a few blocks from each other in New York City. One of the first times we hung out before we started dating was when he invited me to a water-gun fight his friends were hosting in Central Park. We had some extra time before … Continue reading