A Chance Meeting

One weekend, I had to drive down to San Jose for an event I really did not want to go to.  Z is from San Jose and just happened to be home that weekend, but we had no plans to meet up.  Z asked where I was going and I assumed he just wanted to know where I was headed.  A few minutes after I arrive, Z drives up and has a venti Starbucks iced tea and persimmon for me.  I think you can imagine my surprise because its usually me, not him, that plans the surprises!

Cost: $ (free)

Difficulty: Some skill

Time: Short

Materials you will need:

1. Yourself!

Boys, it doesn’t take a lot to make girls happy.  Just showing up is more than enough.  If you can find out where your sweetheart will be ahead of time and just pop in for a little visit, then you are showing your thoughtfulness and care.


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